A visible flavor

With its bright red color, the redcurrant has an attractive and tempting appearance, just like the bush from which it is picked. It is harvested bunch by bunch and only ever by hand. The transparency of its crunchy and shiny peel reveals a glimpse of the pulp of each individual berry.

Offering more than just a delicious taste

Nutritional values per 100 g


The redcurrant is a small vitamin C-rich fruit with a low calorie content and is a good source for potassium and fiber.

Our redcurrants

The redcurrant is a plant of the Sassifragacee, a family which belongs to the Ribes genus and the Rubrum species. The small and bright berries, combined to compose the bunches, grow on perennial and bushy shrubs. The redcurrant plant can reach up to three meters in height and blooms in spring in a show of pinkish flowers hanging in clusters.

Lover of fertile soils and mountain areas, the currant can withstand the coldest winters. Sant’Orsola cultivates two different varieties: red and white.

In order to meet our quality standards, the fruits must be whole, clean and must not have damage or marks on their surface. They must also be harvested in compact bunches. They are either bright red or pearly white depending on the variety and the characteristic flavor of the berries leaves a pleasant, intense and mainly acidic taste on the palate.

Originally from Western Europe, the exact etymology of its name is still shrouded in mystery: there are those who claim it has Arab origins whereas others tie it to the Scandinavian word "rips". Famous for its beauty and shine, its status as a symbol of fertility and prosperity has been passed down by many legends.

They are cultivated in accordance with the principles of “Integrated Production”, which follow the current National Guidelines.

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“We are fragile, handle us with care!
Keep in the fridge between +4° and +8° degrees and wash just before serving.”

Origin and availability

(Holand, Chile)

the extra mile

The acidulous notes of currants make them the perfect pairing for savory foods such as meat and fish. They are delicious eaten alone but can also be used to enhance your desserts: from the more traditional tarts to desserts in a glass, they will always amaze, not only as a decoration but as a true protagonist!

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