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The bright green exterior of the baby kiwi encases a green-yellow flesh. It is picked before ripe and is matured on its own until very soft to the touch. They can be enjoyed with their thin and palatable skin left on for an all-natural flavor.

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Baby kiwi

The Baby Kiwi is a small fruit and a good source of Vitamin C and potassium, with a low calorie and fat content.

Our Baby Kiwis

The baby kiwi, also known as the “hardy kiwi” grows on a plant belonging to the Actinidiaceae family. This small fruit, which is slightly larger than a walnut, is not a small version of the more well- known kiwi, but a century old fruit in its own right.

In order to meet our quality standards, Sant’Orsola baby kiwis must be whole, evenly-shaped, clean and without any damage or marks on their surface. Their smooth, light-green skin is edible and the characteristic, sweet and enjoyable flavor of the fruit is similar to that of the kiwi.

The fruits, which are picked in small clusters, grow on climbing lianas which can reach up to ten meters in length. The flowers bloom in May and the harvesting season begins towards the end of summer. Originally a wild and self-seeded plant, it is only in recent decades that botanists have started to study it and produce new, completely natural varieties that are suitable for cultivation.

They are cultivated in accordance with the principles of “Integrated Production”, which follow the current National Guidelines.

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Baby kiwi

We are fragile, handle us with care!
Keep in the fridge between +4° and +8° degrees and wash just before serving.”

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Our baby kiwis will help you think outside the (lunch) box. Here is a good idea for an appetizing lunch break: make a quinoa salad with bean sprouts, lettuce, savoy cabbage, carrots and baby kiwi and top with chopped hazelnuts.

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